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A living dream and vision

The Blue Star Church, also known as Blue Star Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. Officially founded by Mary Elizabeth Thunder in 1988, the church has served individuals, families, and communities for more than thirty years. Sharing loving space with all who want to pray, heal, learn, and connect with God through participation in 2,000+ year old ceremonies given through the prophetic dreams and visions of our indigenous elders and ancestors. We honor Grandma Thunder for helping us turn our focus towards the Great Spirit. We honor her for sharing a way of life that sustains us and for sharing her dream, vision, and service for peace. 


We are a unified people - heart and prayer. All are welcome in the sacred hoop. Come to worship, fellowship, receive healing, learn, grow, and be part of our tiospaye (family). 

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As a Church it is our mission to give everlasting water and spiritual food to all who thirst and are hungry.


We are dedicated to nurturing the relationship between human beings and the Holy Spirit within. 

As a Spiritual University, it is our mission to study, preserve, and share the teachings of our indigenous elders of the North American continent and the unified true teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Further, it is our mission to seek, find, serve, and love Creator God, connecting to all that God is, unifying with the Universe according to the Divine Plan as it has been prophesied, as it has been written, and as it is revealed in the unfolding moments of our lives today. 

A key part of our mission is to recognize and acknowledge God first and the Holiness in ourselves, in our brothers and sisters, in all life on Earth - in All of our Relations.

Our service is in nurturing this primary relationship between humanity and Creation through prayer, supplications, and with respect for all our relations under the Sun and the Morning Star. 

It is our mission to overcome our addictions and afflictions, becoming who and what we are in the eyes of the Divine. 

We faithfully expect to receive and share the goodness of God through grace, mercy, and all God's promises of health, prosperity, peace, and everlasting life. 

We honor our ancestors, and we honor all sacred paths of the Way of Life, the way of God, the way of Love. 

In all Your many names, we honor You Lord, and we love You for You first loved us.

"As above - So below." 

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