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January 2022 - Interstellar Connection

Greeting relatives,

As you know, we are related, connected to everything, everyone, everywhere. So, that seems important! We, the Blue Star People here at the ranch and everywhere are putting forth efforts of love in being more connected in various ways this year! We believe this strengthens our relationships and community. We hope to send regular emails containing teachings or stories from Thunder and other elders that we feel are valuable and well worth sharing. If any of you have a story or teaching from T or any of the elders you would like to share, please send your story to We will also include a schedule of events on each email so you can always reference the section titled "What's happening at Blue Star?"


Whew! Another year, come and gone! This just keeps happening, seemingly faster, and faster, and faster still! I have wondered, how can this be considering it is the same 365 days, 52 weeks, 24/7? Perhaps, it is part of the illusion. “There is not enough time” or “I’m running out of time” illusion. Certainly, this can’t be a “present-moment" reality, where the only true opportunity is. Whatever blessing, challenge, or circumstance we find ourselves in, and as we begin again, and continue onward, I pray we remember to access Creator’s peace. I pray to be in flow with the Holy Spirit in all our thoughts and actions. I pray we find comfort in the stillness, and that the only thing overwhelming us is the presence of The Great Mystery.

Love you, Starr


I know "Presence" is not a new idea in the great span of spiritual knowledge, but it has certainly been the theme for me over the last year or two with what the pandemic, all its uncertainty, and challenges brought. I had a dream a few months ago and awoke with the words "Hidden within every moment is all the power you need." Upon reflection, these words brought me to a Thunder teaching about being in the flow. I used to think that meant being in tune with her and what she needed. But the deeper teaching was about being present to the Divine, and deeper than that was realizing that we are not separate from any part of this creation.

The illusion we are usually running is that there are things to do, problems to solve, people to deal with. It is only a state of separation that allows us to view it this way. When we let go of that perspective, and allow ourselves to be present, aka in union with what is, we can see the solutions also exist in the present moment. We move from conflicting with what is, to being "in the flow," aka surrender. In 2019 Spirit said to me "In each moment Love, Joy and Abundance is already given. We have but to open our eyes and see it." May 2022 be the year we perceive and receive it!

Love, Kirsten


“Welcome beloved to the Present. Breathe Deep my dear friend. The Moment you are Awaiting is Now. Free yourself to Love without limitations, judgment, or conditions. The Universe is requesting you to Awaken to the Love and the beauty that surrounds you and is Within you. Our Family, Friends and the media distracts us from truly allowing ourselves to see, hear, taste, touch, smell the beauty that is all around you. Allow yourself to embrace these moments when you are alone, to sense all the beauty that surrounds you and is Within you. You are an integral part of the Cosmic Consciousness of us all. Your worries and fears impact not only you but all of us as we Awaken and seek to fulfill our Divine Destiny. Allow yourself to be free and find your joy. You are the rose bud dipped in the crisp morning dew, being kissed by the first rays of Sunshine, be ready to blossom fully into the Present. The Perfection of the Divine Plan blesses us each Moment. Seize this Moment, Embrace Love, Embrace Joy and be the best version of yourself you can create. I love you my precious and sacred friend.”

Namaste, Robert Johns

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