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Interstellar Connections - February 2022 / SDVQ

We share this month’s Thunder Teaching along with updates & current events. We have some things on the horizon here at Blue Star and hope to create a unified vision and vibration.

WHAT'S UP NOW Currently, we have a group of prayer warriors questing at the ranch. It is quite cold and damp so prayers for warm, cozy questers are welcomed. We appreciate their devotion and sacrifice, and pray for each of one, their families and home spaces throughout this sacred time. You may have heard Chief, Richard has recently undergone cataract surgery and will again on March 7th. We are so grateful for this opportunity for him to be healed and taken care of. We pray for the doctors, nurses, and caretakers, and we pray for Richard, that it is better than he can imagine. We pray for gentleness and healing, love, and joy. I share this with the desire to lift him up as a community and support him in this challenge. I know how much we all care about him and would like to send love his way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOOKING AHEAD ~~~ SUNDANCER’S VISION QUEST March 15th - March 19th March 20th TREE HONORING -It has been an interesting couple of years, and we are excited to start this year with a strong Sundance prayer energy! We hope that our Sundancers will be able to attend, mind, body, and spirit. We welcome and encourage supporters to attend as well! **Let us know if you plan to attend so we can prepare the space for visitors; you can register online at **Bo Elrod and Alisha Lombardi are the contact persons for questions/rsvp, or you can reply to this email! Bo; / 737-666-5630 Alisha; / 423-883-2464 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THUNDER TEACHING ~~ Putting it on a Shelf There's not a day goes by that I don't thank Thunder for something that she taught me. Her teachings apply to ceremony as much as daily living. For as the elders have said, what we do on one level affects all levels, and "Life is the Ceremony". Lately I have been feeling gratitude for Thunder teaching me how to "put it on the shelf." When I arrived at the ranch in my early 20s, I was told this a lot. Seems I thought I knew some things, and maybe I did have some knowledge to bring to the table. But what I gained by learning to put what I thought I knew "on the shelf" is immeasurable. > When we put something on a shelf, we are not throwing it away. We are carefully setting it aside, making room for something else to be in the space in front of us. We can always come back to it later and decide if we want to pick it up again or not. Many times, the answer is not, and I would never have known that if I hadn't set aside whatever thought, emotion, or habit I was holding on to. > This is an ongoing beneficial process. I continue to use this skill that Thunder taught me throughout my life. It's allowed me to continue to learn new things, hear what people are saying more clearly, and to let go of habits and patterns I don't need anymore. So, the next time you find yourself needing a new perspective, try putting the old one on the shelf. You may be surprised at what you decide not to pick up again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHAT'S HAPPENING AT BLUE STAR February 22-March 1 Leaders VQ March 15-19 Sundancer’s VQ March 20 Tree honoring *Spring Equinox April 12-16 Women’s Dance May 3-7 Peoples Spring VQ June 3-12 LSSD June 17-26 BSSD We will send out more information and specifics on these events as they come up. If you have questions, need information, or want to help out some way, please email here at and we will get back with you. Also, if you want to connect with us on facebook, the group is ******************************** BLUE STAR CHURCH - THUNDER RANCH

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